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Did Jesus gatecrash your last Christmas Party?


Dear Loved Ones,

As you know, may Birthday is Celebrated on Christmas Day. This is the same every year, the Celebration is in my honor.

During the time before the Celebration many people are shopping for gifts, there are radio announcements, TV commercials and in every part of the World everyone is talking about my Birthday as it gets closer and closer.

It is really very nice to know that at least once a year some people think of me.

As you know, the Celebration of my Birthday began many years ago as my Disciples and those who followed me like The Heavenly Host rejoiced in my earthly Birth.

At first people seemed to understand and be Thankful of all that I did for them but in these current times not many seem to know the reason for the Celebration.

Family and friends get together and have a lot of fun but they don’t know the real reason why they are Celebrating. I remember that each year there is a great feast in my honor. The dinner table is full of delicious foods, pastries, fruits, assorted nuts and chocolates. The decorations are exquisite and there are always many beautifully wrapped gifts.

But do you want to know something? I’m not always Invited.

I am the Guest of Honor and many don’t remember to send me an Invitation.

The Party is for me but when that great day comes I’m left outside, they close the door in my face and this saddens me because I want to be with them and share their table.

In Truth this doesn’t surprise me because in the last few years many close their doors to me. Since I’m not Invited, I decided to enter the Party last year without making any noise. I went in and stood in a corner.

They were all drinking; there were some who were drunk and telling off color jokes and laughing at everything. They were having a grand time.

To top it all this big fat man all dressed in red wearing a long white beard entered the room yelling Ho-Ho-Ho! He sat on the sofa and all the Children ran to him, saying: “Santa Claus, Santa Claus” as if the Party were in his honor!

During the Party people began to hug each other; I extended my arms waiting for someone to hug me but do you know… no-one hugged me, they didn’t even notice me, especially in their hearts.

Then they all began to share gifts. They opened them one by one with great expectation. When all had been opened, I looked to see if maybe there was one for me. What would you feel if on your Birthday everybody shared gifts and you did not get one? or they did what they wanted to do instead of considering your wishes.

I then understood that I was unwanted at that Party and quietly left.

Every year it gets worse. Most people only remember the gifts, the Parties, to eat and drink and not many remember me.

I would like for this Christmas that you allow me to enter into your life your heart is a gift that I will Treasure and it will give me great pleasure to be your Friend because I Love you and always have.

I would like you to recognize the fact that over two thousand years ago I came to this World to give my Life for you and on the Cross, I knew your Name and took your shame, I came to save you and to set you free from the control of Sin so you would no longer be in bondage but sadly many still choose to be.

John 8:34-36 Jesus replied, “I tell you the Truth everyone who Sins is a slave to Sin. Now a Slave has no permanent place in the family but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.

1 John 3:9 No one who is Born of God will continue to Sin because God’s seed remains in him, he cannot go on Sinning because he has been Born of God.

Today, I want that you believe with all your Heart that you have been set free, repent and come Close to me and I will come Close to you, please don’t keep me at a distance, it hurts to be apart from you.

I want to share something with you. We will have our own Celebration, a Grandiose Party that no one has ever imagined, a Spectacular Spiritual Party. I’ve made all the arrangements for you and we are waiting on your reply so you can join us.


Today I am sending out many Invitations and there is an Invitation for you. I want to know if you wish to attend and I have made a reservation for you so you can come and I have written your Name with golden letters in my Great Guest Book but you still need to reply so you can enjoy the Celebration.

Only those on the Guest List are Invited to the Party.

Those who don’t accept my Invitation will be left outside and this will grieve me greatly, so be prepared because I want you to be part of our Wonderful Party.

See you soon… I Love you and always will – Jesus Christ

Adapted -Author Unknown.



All God’s Creation…..

Christmas Blessings  1


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What Paganism is doing to Christmas….

Christmas Nativity DELETED
S GmhsantaS G
Paganism is very much becoming what interests most People and it was prophesied that it would be this way in the end times. Most of our Christmas Symbols (see link below ) some of which are mentioned in Scripture and others when viewed with faith in our hearts as they are meant to be, bring to our mind the real meaning of Jesus’ birth, but many have been twisted by Paganism and used to worship their Pagan gods which come from their own fleshy understanding and has been passed on through the Generations. S G
 Sadly some Christians  because of Paganism and Satan’s deception, reject Christmas day and now do not Celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December which Scripture shows clearly is when Jesus was born (see links below ) but regardless of what day had been chosen by God for the Birth of Jesus, His Son, Pagans would have still used it to worship their gods in opposition, with being motivated by Satan to do so.S G

Jesus Birth Date 1 – https://christmasblessings.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/jesus-was-born-on-the-25th-of-december/S G

Jesus Birth Date 2 –    https://christmasblessings.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/jesus-christ-gods-greatest-gift-to-us/S G

For many years I use to look for the homes with Christmas lights around my area and often traveled to see them, many would have the Nativity but sadly not so today , Santa has the prominent place in most of their decorations. See Barbs Link below…..
 S G
For many years I use to look for the homes with Christmas lights around my area and often travelled to see them, many would have the Nativity but sadly not so today , Santa has the prominent place in most of their decorations. See Barbs Link below…..

 S G

Yes it is VERY sad but it does not surprise me anymore, although I was upset to see one of the well known Churches in our area had on their Church sign…. We are joining Santa for a wonderful Christmas.



mhsantaS G
Impressed I think not, well you can be sure we won’t be going to their Christmas service just in case they have baby Santa in the manger and they have the Elves leading Communion, which will be milk and cookies and of course Mrs Santa will be preaching while Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer, will take everyone for a sleigh ride up and down the main road, no snow of course but than we can make believe just like they are, that Christmas is not about Jesus, but jolly fat Santa.S G
Christmas Love from both of us – Anne


Jesus Christ God’s Greatest Gift to us on December 25th


69vS GChristmas is a special time of year and many celebrate God’s greatest Gift to Mankind, His beloved Son Jesus Christ.

S GWe have been asked a few times now by different Blogging friends if we would continue confirming Jesus Birth as being on the 25th of December. We felt the best way to do this is to share with you in the sequence of advents that God reveals in the Scriptures that happened before and after His birth.
S GWe will look today at a few of these and at another time we will look at the signs in the Heavens before and at the time of Jesus Birth and also confirmation through other  events and  times of Jesus Life and Death, which also confirm that He was Born on the 25th of December.S GZacharias,  who was John the Baptist’s father  and also a High Priest  appointed by God to make atonement for His people the Israelites. He was allotted His duties as were all the Priests who ministered in the Temple and the regulations  were to be fully observed by all of them according to their position.

S GWe can see that  Zacharias  was a High Priest by the Duties he preformed and also by his age.  A Priest who was doing  his lot of duty only served till the age of 50, but a High Priest served till they died. ( Numbers 4:3 & 8:25 )



S GZechariah  and his wife Elizabeth as told to us in the Scriptures ( Luke1:7 &18 ) were very advanced in years much older then 50years, and they were both past child bearing age.  Luke tells us that they were both righteous before God in keeping all of His Ordinances and Commandments.

S G Zacharias who was  from the line of Abia  was a descendant of Aaron which means he was from the tribe of the Levites, under Nehemiah, he was a leading Priest who signed a covenant to obey the laws of God after the Israelite returned from exile in Babylon, and it is from his house of Priests that Zechariah is a descendant and his wife Elizabeth was of the Daughters of Aaron.S G

( Leviticus 21:14 )
On the Day of Atonement which was only once a year when God gave instructions that  ( Leviticus 23:27 )  only a High Priest from Aaron’s seed could go into the Holy of Holies and burn the incense as  God had asked to be done which meant that ( Exodus 30:10 ) everyone else had to wait patiently outside… ( Leviticus 16:17) & Hebrews 9:7 & Luke1:10 ) and this was done on the 10 day in the Seventh month of the Jewish year which was September -October, as confirmed by the Scriptures ( Leviticus 16:29 ) which means regardless of who King Herod chose to be in this position, God chose and anointed Zacharias to Minister and make sacrifices for His people.  It was at this time that Zacharias was told that Elisabeth his wife was to have a child. ( Luke 1:13 )
The Gospel of Luke states that while Zacharias ministered at the Altar of incense, an Angel of God announced to him that Elizabeth his wife would give birth to a son, whom he was to name John, and that this son would be the forerunner of the long-expected Messiah  and this  was when  Zacharias was  performing the once a year duty in the Holy of Holies of a High Priest assigned specifically to the descendants of Aaron among the sons of Levi. S G
(1 Chronicles 23:13 ) 

S GElisabeth conceived in  September 3BC at the time of the feast of the Tabernacles and gave birth to John The Baptist in June 2B.C  When Elisabeth was 6 mths pregnant which was in March,  Mary was told she was to give birth to Jesus,  when Elisabeth gave birth to John, Mary was 3 mths pregnant,  Jesus was born 6mths later December 25th 1AD,  Mary’s time had come to give birth when God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law – (Galatians 4:4)

S GSo as we can see clearly that the events in Luke were  not earlier in the year as some claim seeking to establish the error that Jesus was not born in December.

S GWe will continue when needed to give more detail to confirm what we have already shared with more confirmation, below is a link that shows why some of the objections to Celebrating Christmas when we do are invalid.


Objections https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/jesus-was-born-on-the-25th-of-december/

S GThank you for seeking God’s Truth with us, as He leads us all into greater understanding by confirmation in His inspired written word through the empowering of The Holy Spirit.

S GThe Truth will set us free… Jesus is The Way,  The Truth and The Life and He will Teach us All Things, through the empowering of the Holy Spirit.S GMatthew 10:26-28 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

( Perhaps these are our Blogs today and also the City Gate?)

S GChristian Love from both of us  – Anne


God and the Geese….

God and the GeeseS GThere was once a man who didn’t believe in God, and he didn’t hesitate to let others know how he felt about Christianity.

S G His wife, however, did believe, and she raised their children to  also have faith in God and Jesus Christ, despite his disparaging comments.S G

One snowy Christmas Eve, his wife was taking their children to service in the farm community in which they lived.
S GThey were to talk about Jesus’ birth. She asked him to come but he refused.
S G“That story is nonsense!” he said. “Why would God lower Himself to come to Earth as a man?
S GThat’s ridiculous!”
S GSo she and the children left, and he stayed home.
S GA while later, the winds grew stronger and the snow turned into a blizzard. As the man looked out the window, all he saw was a blinding snowstorm. He sat down to relax before the fire for the evening. Then he heard a loud thump. S G Something had hit the window.
He looked out, but couldn’t see more
than a few feet.

S GWhen the snow let up a little, he ventured outside to see what could have been beating on his window.
S GIn the field near his house he saw a flock of wild geese. Apparently they had been flying south for the winter when they got caught in the snowstorm and couldn’t go on. They were lost and stranded on his farm, with no food or shelter. They just flapped their wings and flew around the field in low circles, blindly and aimlessly. A couple of them had flown into his window, it seemed.
S GThe man felt sorry for the geese and wanted to help them. The barn would be a great place for them to stay, he thought. It’s warm and safe; surely they could spend the night and wait out the storm.S G
So he walked over to the barn and opened the doors wide, then watched and waited, hoping they would notice the open barn and go inside.S G
But the geese just fluttered around aimlessly and didn’t seem to notice the barn or realize what it could mean for them.
S GThe man tried to get their attention, but that just seemed to scare them, and they moved further away.S G
He went into the house and came with some bread, broke it up, and made a bread crumb trail leading to the barn… They still didn’t catch on.
S GNow he was getting frustrated. He got behind them and tried to shoo them toward the barn, but they only got more scared and scattered in every direction except toward the barn.
Nothing he did could get them to go into the Barn where they would be warm and safe.S G 
“Why don’t they follow me?!” he exclaimed. S G
“Can’t they see this is the only
place where they can survive the storm?”

S GHe thought for a moment and realized that they just wouldn’t follow a human “If only I were a goose, then I could save them,” he said out loud.
Then he had an idea. He went into barn, got one of his own geese, and carried it in his arms as he circled around behind the flock of wild geese.
He then released it. His goose flew through the flock and straight into the barn — and one-by-one, the other geese followed it to safety.

He stood silently for a moment as the words he had spoken a few minutes earlier replayed in his mind…
 “If only I were a goose, then I could save them!” S G
Then he thought about what he had said to his wife earlier. S G
“Why would God want to be like us? That’s ridiculous!”S G
Suddenly it all made sense. That is what God had done. We were like the geese–blind, lost, perishing. S G
God had to become like us so He could show us the way and save us.
As the winds and blinding snow died down, his soul became quiet and pondered this wonderful thought.
Suddenly he understood why Jesus Christ had come.
S GYears of doubt and disbelief vanished with the passing storm. He fell to his knees in the snow, and prayed his first prayer: S G

“Thank You, God, for coming in human form to carry us through the Storm!” S G

He will Carry You…..S G
There is no problem too big God cannot solve.
There is no Mountain too tall He cannot move.
There is not Storm too dark God cannot calm.
There is no Sorrow too deep He cannot soothe.

If He Carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders know, my Brother that He will Carry you.

If He Carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders I know, my Sister that He will Carry you.
He said come on to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28-30)


The Gift Of Lasting Love…..

StarJesus birth 1S G

The Gift Of Lasting LoveS G

Christmas will always stay the same in the hearts of Christ’s people His birth will forever be proclaimed.S G

 The Joy of His gift can never be surpassed the Hope and the Wonder will always last.S G

Be it Christmas trees, Santa, Gifts galore or Traditions handed down from Centuries before. S G

The True meaning of Christmas remains the same Love given so freely in Jesus Christ’s Name. S G

 We reflect on His Love given from His Heart knowing it was with us right from the start.S G

No one day can express the Hope that we have, or can His Love and Joy when given away end with the closing of Christmas day.S G

 So we enjoy this time but remember anew He gave His Love gift to see us through and because He Loved you and me Jesus His Son died on the tree to set us free.S G

The cruel Cross that He bore although The Fathers heart it tore was to bring us in Unity for evermore.S G

Penned by Annie


The Power of God’s Love


It was a bitterly cold Christmas Eve in Korea in 1952.  A pregnant young mother, Bak Yoon, hobbled through the snow toward the home of a missionary friend where she knew she could find help.  Tears of sorrow froze on her face as she mourned her husband.

He had recently been killed in the Korean War, and she had no one else to turn to. 

A short way down the road from her missionary friend’s house was a deep gully spanned by a bridge. As Bak Yoon stumbled forward, birth pains suddenly overcame her. She fell, realizing that she could go no further, and crawled under the end of the bridge. 

 There, alone, under the bridge, her baby was born. Bak Yoon had nothing with her except her heavy, padded clothes.  One by one she removed all pieces of her clothing and wrapped them around her tiny son, still connected to her body by his umbilical cord.  Then feeling exhausted she lay back in the snow beside her baby.

The next morning Miss Watson, long-time missionary, drove across the bridge in her car to take a Christmas basket of food to a needy Korean family. 

On her way back, as she got near the bridge, the car sputtered and died — out of gasoline.  She got out of the car and started across the bridge.  Through crunching snow under her feet she heard another sound — a baby’s faint cry.  She stopped, unbelieving, and heard the cry again. 

 “It’s coming from beneath the bridge!”  She crawled under the bridge to investigate and there she found a tiny, bundled baby, warm but hungry, and young Bak Yoon frozen in death. 

With a knife from her toolbox she cut the cord and took the baby home with her.  After caring first for the child, she, along with some helpers, brought Bak Yoon’s body back to near where she lived and buried her there. She named the baby Soo Park, and adopted him. 

 He was strong and healthy and so grew up among many other orphan children that Miss Watson cared for.  But to her, Soo Park was special.  She often told him,

 “Your mother had great love for you, Soo Park”, and about how she had proven that love.  He never tired of hearing of his beautiful mother.

On Christmas day, his 12th birthday, snow was falling. After the children had helped Soo Park celebrate his birthday, he came and sat beside Miss Watson. 

“Mother Watson, do you think God made your car run out of gasoline the day you found me?” he asked.  “Perhaps He did”, she answered. 

“If that car hadn’t stopped, I would not have found you.  But I am so glad it stopped.  I Love you and am very proud of you, Soo Park.” She put her arms around him.  He rested his head against her. 

 “Mother Watson, will you please take me out to my mother’s grave?  I want to pray there.  I want to thank her for my life.”  “Yes, but put on your heavy coat.  It’s very cold.” 

Beside the grave, Soo Park asked Mother Watson to wait at a little distance.  She walked aside and waited.  As the astonished missionary watched, the boy began to take off his warm clothing, piece by piece. 

Surely he won’t take off all his clothing! She thought. He’ll freeze! But the boy stripped himself of everything, laid it all on his mother’s grave, and knelt naked and shivering in the snow.  She waited one minute, two minutes.  Then she put her gloved hand on his snow-covered shoulder. 

“Come, Soo Park.  Your mother in Heaven sees how much you Love her I will help you dress.” Then in deep sorrow he cried out to the mother he never knew: “Were you colder than this for me, my mother?” And he wept bitterly because he knew of course, she was.

From “The Short Circuit,” a student publication of Asbury Theological Seminary Volume 86, Dec. 6th, 1986, No. 11S GS G
Jesus stripped Himself of His Royal garments to come and live among us.  “Was He that cold for us?” Surely we never have to wonder if He Loves us, or even how much He Loves us. He demonstrated that to us nearly 2000 years ago and He reminds us constantly, when we have ears to hear and eyes to see. 


We Celebrate in His Love.

 Music  –CelineDion_OHolyNight