The Christmas Story for the Sweet Tooth…..

S GBlessings for Christmas Blogging Friends, below is a Power Point for Children but I love it too and so do all those who have seen it, especially the Children. It has  lots of surprises and is very clever, I don’t know who created it but they were indeed gifted in how they tell the Story of Jesus’ Birth that will indeed open eyes wide.  It is so well done that even an Adult can understand it but please be warned if you are watching the Calories!S G

 Wishing You A Christmas Choc Full Of Surprises.S G


Click to enjoy the  Chocolate Christmas Story – 2013



4 responses to “The Christmas Story for the Sweet Tooth…..

  1. I did not know how clever and thought provoking you are. It made me smile and laugh out loud

    • I’m not that Clever Barb, I received this Power point years ago but I have adapted it a little and I update it each year.

      We are unique and God gives us all gifts to use but we decide if we use them for ourselves or Him, if it’s for us we miss out on all the blessings that come when we do God’s work, which are so much greater than when we choose to use our gifts for our own glory.

      I will phone in about an hour – Love Anne

  2. Thanks Anne for the chockie version of the Christmas story , very cleverly done. I just Nestled in and mint to enjoy it, I guess I would be Nuts to miss it.Great way to enjoy a chockie time and not put on weight !


    • Hmmmm it seems you chomped your way through that Presentation Ron and now are overflowing with rich and satisfying nourishment and of course some nuts, perhaps like us, would agree they haven’t put on any weight, which it was mint not to do.

      Seriously though, it was a great Presentation and one Children respond to and don’t forget and it’s the same with us big kids too!

      Christmas Love always dear – Anne

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