Jesus Christ God’s Greatest Gift to us on December 25th


69vS GChristmas is a special time of year and many celebrate God’s greatest Gift to Mankind, His beloved Son Jesus Christ.

S GWe have been asked a few times now by different Blogging friends if we would continue confirming Jesus Birth as being on the 25th of December. We felt the best way to do this is to share with you in the sequence of advents that God reveals in the Scriptures that happened before and after His birth.
S GWe will look today at a few of these and at another time we will look at the signs in the Heavens before and at the time of Jesus Birth and also confirmation through other  events and  times of Jesus Life and Death, which also confirm that He was Born on the 25th of December.S GZacharias,  who was John the Baptist’s father  and also a High Priest  appointed by God to make atonement for His people the Israelites. He was allotted His duties as were all the Priests who ministered in the Temple and the regulations  were to be fully observed by all of them according to their position.

S GWe can see that  Zacharias  was a High Priest by the Duties he preformed and also by his age.  A Priest who was doing  his lot of duty only served till the age of 50, but a High Priest served till they died. ( Numbers 4:3 & 8:25 )



S GZechariah  and his wife Elizabeth as told to us in the Scriptures ( Luke1:7 &18 ) were very advanced in years much older then 50years, and they were both past child bearing age.  Luke tells us that they were both righteous before God in keeping all of His Ordinances and Commandments.

S G Zacharias who was  from the line of Abia  was a descendant of Aaron which means he was from the tribe of the Levites, under Nehemiah, he was a leading Priest who signed a covenant to obey the laws of God after the Israelite returned from exile in Babylon, and it is from his house of Priests that Zechariah is a descendant and his wife Elizabeth was of the Daughters of Aaron.S G

( Leviticus 21:14 )
On the Day of Atonement which was only once a year when God gave instructions that  ( Leviticus 23:27 )  only a High Priest from Aaron’s seed could go into the Holy of Holies and burn the incense as  God had asked to be done which meant that ( Exodus 30:10 ) everyone else had to wait patiently outside… ( Leviticus 16:17) & Hebrews 9:7 & Luke1:10 ) and this was done on the 10 day in the Seventh month of the Jewish year which was September -October, as confirmed by the Scriptures ( Leviticus 16:29 ) which means regardless of who King Herod chose to be in this position, God chose and anointed Zacharias to Minister and make sacrifices for His people.  It was at this time that Zacharias was told that Elisabeth his wife was to have a child. ( Luke 1:13 )
The Gospel of Luke states that while Zacharias ministered at the Altar of incense, an Angel of God announced to him that Elizabeth his wife would give birth to a son, whom he was to name John, and that this son would be the forerunner of the long-expected Messiah  and this  was when  Zacharias was  performing the once a year duty in the Holy of Holies of a High Priest assigned specifically to the descendants of Aaron among the sons of Levi. S G
(1 Chronicles 23:13 ) 

S GElisabeth conceived in  September 3BC at the time of the feast of the Tabernacles and gave birth to John The Baptist in June 2B.C  When Elisabeth was 6 mths pregnant which was in March,  Mary was told she was to give birth to Jesus,  when Elisabeth gave birth to John, Mary was 3 mths pregnant,  Jesus was born 6mths later December 25th 1AD,  Mary’s time had come to give birth when God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law – (Galatians 4:4)

S GSo as we can see clearly that the events in Luke were  not earlier in the year as some claim seeking to establish the error that Jesus was not born in December.

S GWe will continue when needed to give more detail to confirm what we have already shared with more confirmation, below is a link that shows why some of the objections to Celebrating Christmas when we do are invalid.



S GThank you for seeking God’s Truth with us, as He leads us all into greater understanding by confirmation in His inspired written word through the empowering of The Holy Spirit.

S GThe Truth will set us free… Jesus is The Way,  The Truth and The Life and He will Teach us All Things, through the empowering of the Holy Spirit.S GMatthew 10:26-28 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

( Perhaps these are our Blogs today and also the City Gate?)

S GChristian Love from both of us  – Anne


8 responses to “Jesus Christ God’s Greatest Gift to us on December 25th

  1. Thanks Anne for reminding us of the birth of Jesus as we celebrate December 25, all factors point to that date . When the Magi arrived they entered the house where the child and His mother Mary were and they fell down before Him and worshiped Him. Then they opened their treasure chests ,and gave Him gifts of ,Gold ,Frankincense and Myrrh. ” Surely this Christmas .we too can fall down and worship the Gift God has for each of us , His Son Jesus.


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  3. It is an amazing post, I am just amazed how you know how to do a post like that and including so much information to back up you work..Congratulations my friend

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