God’s Love is Shown in His Creation


As I was reading Barb’s beautiful Poem about Orchids, which was very peaceful and reflective, I remembered a Power Point about them that I had created for a friend years ago and it’s all about God’s Love which is what His creation shows us.S G

So being Christmas which is also all about God’s Love given in His greatest Gift, His Son, Jesus Christ, God in man’s flesh,  I thought I would share both Barb’s Poem and my Power point, I hope you will be blessed by both. S G

Christian Love from both of us – Anne.S G

Orchids 1.S G

Click to enjoy Barbs Poem –  http://acollectionofwriting.wordpress.com/2013/12/14/a-pale-rock-orchid-sits-under-a-tree/S G

Click to enjoy  Orchids in ReflectionS G


2 responses to “God’s Love is Shown in His Creation

  1. Barb’s poem was so meaningful and the Powerpoint on Orchids was so colourful and a joy to see , enjoyed it all


    • Thanks Ron, it was Bab’s Poem which was very peaceful and yes meaningful, that reminded me about the Power point , I’m pleased you enjoyed both.

      Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate your input, looking forward to the Party on Thursday, it will be good to catch up with everyone again.

      Christmas Love – Anne

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