The Gift Of Lasting Love…..

StarJesus birth 1S G

The Gift Of Lasting LoveS G

Christmas will always stay the same in the hearts of Christ’s people His birth will forever be proclaimed.S G

 The Joy of His gift can never be surpassed the Hope and the Wonder will always last.S G

Be it Christmas trees, Santa, Gifts galore or Traditions handed down from Centuries before. S G

The True meaning of Christmas remains the same Love given so freely in Jesus Christ’s Name. S G

 We reflect on His Love given from His Heart knowing it was with us right from the start.S G

No one day can express the Hope that we have, or can His Love and Joy when given away end with the closing of Christmas day.S G

 So we enjoy this time but remember anew He gave His Love gift to see us through and because He Loved you and me Jesus His Son died on the tree to set us free.S G

The cruel Cross that He bore although The Fathers heart it tore was to bring us in Unity for evermore.S G

Penned by Annie



4 responses to “The Gift Of Lasting Love…..

  1. Thanks for the lovely poem Anne , how good to think that God came to us , so many other religions say you must climb up to be perfected to get to your God. In Christianity ,God came to us in the form of an infant , and that`s what we celebrate at this time of the year.


  2. Lovely it certainly pleases me to see someone writing like this about Christmas and the Lord Jesus

    • So good Barb to see you have the right focus about Christmas, like your Poetry comes from your heart, mine also comes from my heart and when we share about Jesus and give Him glory and honour, it also comes from God’s heart of Love.

      See you soon -Christmas Love – Anne

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