God’s Love Gift…..

Love Gift

God’s Love Gift

Christmas is a story of a Love that would not depart sent from God The Father from His very heart,

Even knowing the pain He would bear His Son was sent to share, the suffering of mankind to leave fear and death behind.

The Joy that we behold is the answer from a Loving heart, reminding us anew God will always see us through.

No one day can express His Love so freely given, so daily we must choose the gift we cannot lose.

Remember in Unity we share a Hope beyond compare, sent to set us free and give us liberty.

The Gift of God has come so that in His Son we all are one.

So we seek this Christmas to know a Love that won’t let us go.

We show far and wide the Love in which Jesus resides and this we can not hide.

For the Hope that is given leads to a Joy that can’t be hidden.

Be it Christmas or Easter or any day we recall, we celebrate

His Love gift which is above all.

Penned By Annie



7 responses to “God’s Love Gift…..

  1. I re-blogged it. I loved your work

  2. Reblogged this on a collection of writings and commented:
    A dear friend I hope she does not mind me re-blogging this but it is amazing

  3. I love this! His love is amazing 🙂

  4. Loved your Christmas poem, Anne , yes His love Gift is all we need, how come we always seem to want more ?


    • Yes Love as you said, when we put God first we have it all but as you have also shared before, God wants to bless us the same as Loving Parents want to bless their children the same and as you do with Carolyn, Roby and Nick , Love just wants to give and keep giving.

      Love you- Anne

      P.S , By the way did I tell you Love what I want for Christmas besides the other ten things I have asked for and please don’t forget my Birthday either as if you would ? 🙂

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