Christmas in Bloom

Christmas Bells

Christmas Blooms in Love when our hearts ring out God’s Melody.

Click to enjoy –   Christmas in Bloom


9 responses to “Christmas in Bloom

  1. Seeing this again reminded me how much I love all the Australian flowers ,so beautiful , Christmas bush ,poinsettias, God has a great eye for colour, it blends perfectly with our environment.

    Thanks for the power-point Anne

  2. Beautiful kept the download will pass it on if you don’t mind

  3. The flowers on the powerpoint were stunning must of taken a while to gather them together . Mostly Australian which was great ,ours are superb.


    • I too Love God’s beauty in His Creation of Flowers, I’m so pleased you enjoyed this Power point Love, perhaps now with my new Power point Program I will be able to create again and also as you said, if I just Trust God to work through our Computer and Blog Problems, I will have inner Peace and the creativity will flow again.

      Thank you, Christmas Love – Anne

  4. Beautiful presentation Anne! I love the exotic flowers! I have never seen a poinsettia tree before. As you point out, Jesus and His beauty give us much to rejoice over… you and Ron……Donna

    • Thank you Donna for your kind words, I’m pleased you enjoyed the Power Point, I always feel blessed Creating them as I feel very close to the Lord when I do, sometimes I cry with Joy with the Truths He reveals to me and the beauty of His Creation always leaves me amazed.

      Thank you for visiting – Christmas Love – Anne.

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