Christmas Blessings


Welcome To Freedomborn Christmas Blessings may the Wonder and Joy of Christmas touch your Heart with Love that Lasts The whole Year through.Thank you for Visiting 

 Jesus' our greatest gift
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12 responses to “Christmas Blessings

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  2. This is amazing I adore it. Your an amazing person

    • Barb I’m beginning to believe you , so will you be my Agent , I mean for free of course, no commission, just the joy of knowing me 🙄

      Thanks Barb, I think your pretty special too, I have been sitting here smiling and thanking God our lives touched. Amazing we are both living in Australia and we met Blogging in America.

      Gee the snow is cold, I think I’ll put my electric blanket on!

      Christian Love Annie

  3. I wish you the best with your new blog. I know your writings and inspiration will fill it up with God heart and love.

  4. Love your new blog. You know, I will be one of your best fans, right? My heart feels calm and comforted every time I read your words of love, faith and hope. Thank you. God bless you and Ron always. Merry Christmas!

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  6. Appreciated your christmas card Anne, thanks ,it was lovely

    Blessings Ron.

  7. Pretty blog site, Annie!
    May God Bless your new site richly!

    • Thanks for visiting Dei your comment is the first although I do have Donna following too. I’m pleased you like the look, I had to turn off the Snow it was flashing on both Blogs, I’m not sure how it will go but I will enjoy Posting anyway, many Blessings Dei at this special time of year and right through the New Year.

      Christmas Love – Annie

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